Our Story

Welcome to the bit that no one wants to actually write.

Hi, I am Arron.

I create the world of Dicky Smiles from a grand stately home fashioned into a caravan, it rocks in the wind and sometimes guests hit their heads on the little compost pot that hangs above the seat. I know it’s annoying but I really don’t like cluttering up the sideboard.

I am a father to 3 kids, they make me appreciate being bigger and more powerful than them and generally make life a much better experience. They hunt for food to sustain me, whilst I spend my time bringing Dicky Smiles to life. In time, they hope I might be a great success and they can start telling people I’m their Dad.

All the characters come from my brain and all of the illustrations are drawn by me,  normally whilst hidden at home like a goblin. I print all the clothes myself and get my embroidery done up the road at a small family run business, the owners of which popped down my shop once to show support. Which was nice. 

Not sure about my natural swagger and the razzmatazz of my products? Well here’s a few quotes from my friends and family to really nail home what a cool and above average brand this is.

Arron Miles

The Big Cheese.

Well that’s a little bit of what we’re about, let’s love those short lives of ours whilst we can. Much love and fanx for looking.

"Die happy or live trying" - Dicky Smiles

Our Products

Wherever possible I use organic, ethically produced, fair trade products. When organic products are not available I use trusted, high quality ethical products from trustworthy suppliers. When even those products aren’t available, I make an unholy pact with the darkest devils of hell’s inner sanctum to secure good quality merch, at a reasonable price.

I don’t buy cheap shit. I do care where it comes from and how it was made. I try my best to exclude silly old plastic from my supply chain and products, because it sucks and I don’t want it.

January Sale

Help keep the dystopian, late capitalist hellscape we all inhabit turning by spending more money!

Fear not, Dicky’s got your back, with a smooth and creamy 24% off everything until January 31st! Just add items to your basket and the discount will automatically apply.